“6th Anniversary – Amazon Warrior Blog” by Jonin Marie Gargoles

It all started 6 years ago when I started writing a blog. My favorite teacher Ms. Mich Navajas inspired me to create my own blog. She’s an amazing writer who inspires a lot of people around the world. I’m very proud and happy for her. She’s still one of my biggest inspiration when it comes to writing.

Writing became my hobby when I was seven years old.
I remember writing in my scooby-doo notebook: short stories and hid it.

Writing is my gateway to pain.
I start to write whenever I feel the pain inside.
If I can’t write my heart feels like it is about to explode.
I  remember writing some novels in my fan fiction notebooks and my classmates are enjoying it so much.
Sometimes I’m scared of what I write because after couple of years it feels like a deja vu.
Some writings of mine came true out of blue.
I used to love writing tragic stories and novels which my friends really hate reading because all I wanna see is there reaction.

Years passed by I experienced bullying. The people I trust and writing became my voice to speak out for those who are experiencing the same. I’d just drink a cup of coffee and gaze at them.

My sister is my number one inspiration in writing. She’s shy to write and I always wanna showcase her talent. I started to publish different articles and poems in a school publication and became the Editor in Chief. I also started competing in different writing contest representing my school. Remembering some lines I used for my first poem competition “the truth and peace will prevail…”

I fell in love and my poems became sweet like cheese cake. It feels like dancing in a rainbow with flying unicorns. It will make you dance waltz with the saxophone music background.

I was heartbroken but I never stopped writing. It tastes like bitter sweet memories. However I want to inspire women to be more independent and strong. Empowering women and tell them exactly what they really deserve and stay away from a toxic relationships.

I became a travel blogger  and share some of my dangerous adventures because I am an adrenaline Junkie. Sharing my travel hacks to everyone. I travel different countries that inspire more people to be free, bold,  wild, courageous, independent and wise enough every time they travel. I sing and dance with each countries I visited. I learned different cultures and languages. Build some beautiful friendships, wonderful memories and unforgettable lessons in life.

Hoping one day I could tell you guys I will be publishing my own books filled of adventures, poetries and mysteries.  In God we entrust. God bless everyone.

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