“Feminist Movement” by Jonin Marie Gargoles

Life can be so disturbing sometimes. Men sees women as an object.
In this world full of weirdos  we as women should know how to fight back.
I’ve spoke to some of my friends sharing our bad experiences about these sick guys.

Harrasment could happen anywhere  and here are some possible harrassment prone area or scenarios :

1. Workplace

Workplace harassment is inevitable. You can’t avoid lunatics in the office. You should speak out to the head office or HR Department and ask them to do an appropriate action against it.

2. Public Places

Sometimes you are just walking alone in a small grocery store wearing corporate attire and someone will intentionally touch your butt for no reason and run away. Harassment in public places shouldn’t or never be allowed given if they are wearing modest and living a life ver peacefully. Never disturb them with your dirty mind!

3. Lover or Ex – Lover

Sometimes you will also encounter a lover or ex-lover who is sexually assaulting you. They are using you to satisfy their needs even if you are hurting and wanted to stop the relationship. Ladies please you deserve more better than staying with a man who only wants lust than love.

4. Restaurant

Sometimes your just having a normal day talking to your friend in a restaurant and a lunatic will keep fantisizing while looking at you. Afterwards that guy is jerking off.  Ladies grab your phone immediately and call the police. Ask for help from the owner in the restaurant and report that maniac. Don’t let this pass away because he might also do it again to any other innocent ladies.

5. Friends

Sometimes you might not know one of your friend will put you in danger. Your friend will tolerate his actions. Even though he saw that his friend put pills in your drink. Ladies be careful and know who your true friends are because you’ll never know the danger that comes your way.

6. Transportation

Sometimes you just wanna go home feeling safe but what if the driver you went in is a maniac? Some men are just disgusting how they think they can get the girl. Ladies you have the right to stand up and speak up against this bad situation. Never allow any men to touch you or dare to harass you. Protect yourselves against all odds. Women be vigilant to your surroundings and inform directly your friends or any authority. Call them directly and send your current location.

7. School

Sometimes students can be so innocent to feel safe with their teachers but some teachers are just bad like pedophile. Never allow yourself to get touched by your teacher. Report immediately to the authorities if any alarming is happening in the school. You deserve peace of mind in the school. You deserve to speak out so that it will not happen again to any other innocent women.

Women listen up you deserved to stand up and fight back against this bad people. Be vigilant and wise enough choose your friends. Be careful and brave enough to report to the authorities what you experience and put some actions on it.  You don’t deserve to be treated like a cow. You’re not a cow! You are a precious gem that everyone needs be respected.

We all deserve to be respected as a woman and not scared walking alone in the streets. Be aware and use your voice to speak out and defend yourself against this type of sexual assault.

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