“I remember it all too well” by Jonin Marie Gargoles

I remember how I fell in love to a person who is older than me.
I remember each sparks of our heart and soul.
I remember all to well how we dance alone.
I remember how we run so fast in the middle of the road so that our friends won’t see us.

I wonder why you stop holding my hand in the front car seat.
I remember how you stop giving me roses even with occasion.
I remember how I cried two consecutive Valentine’s because you never treat me right.
You just break your promise that you won’t hurt me.
You break my trust like a broken glass.

The idea of you was like a beautiful memory but the ending became tragic.
The idea of having plans for our marriage because you offered me an engagement ring but after a couple of years you’re asking me to return the ring  for me to move on.
I remember how I saw your  chats with different girls while we are together 
I asked you but you kept denying it.
I remember too well the places and things you have given to your new girl.
I remember how you tried to win me back again but I said no and I don’t want to be your friend also.

I am now happy and free from this heartbreak
I will never let anyone hurt me like you do
I will never let anyone  gas light  me ever again.
I will never question my worth again.
I will never let anyone kill my inner peace.
I will never stay up all night crying to a man who is not worth my tears.
I will never let anyone steal my innocent & loyal heart.

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