“Crumpled Heart” by Jonin Marie Gargoles

Sometimes all you have to do is stop.
Stop this nonsense of one-sided feeling.
Stop these bad habits you’re doing right now.
Stop chasing people who will never love you back.

Stop calling thousand times to the person who doesn’t care.
Stop giving millions of chances and expectations.
Stop ruining your life  because at the end of the day, it’s you.
Stop being innocent, and please be matured enough to let go.

Your heart was crumpled multiple times.
How can you still manage to fix it?
Bad blood stained your soul.
How you still be alive after venom?

You’ve fallen apart a multiple times
How can you manage to stand for the 10th time?
You’ve been broken and depressed
How you overcome all those low times?

They betrayed you, and their not sorry for breaking your heart.
All of the white lies and broken promises.
They are traitors to gives you false hope.
All the sleepless nights they have done to you in the dark.

They are scared of commitment, or maybe they are not into you.
They are not satisfied because they are narcissistic.
They are obsessive about meeting someone new because you’re not good enough.
They are brutal for giving you a trauma when it comes to love.
You don’t deserve to be an option.

You should let them go.
Toxic feelings will always poison your heart.
Guard and protect your pure soul.
You deserve more than that.
You deserve love and happiness.
You deserve the best and the whole world.
You are incredibly beautiful inside and out.
You are talented and smart.
You are worthy always remember that.

Never let your guard down.
Never let your heart be crumpled. 
Never settle for less.
Never give up on yourself.

One day you will realize they are not worth it.
One day your prayers will be answered by God.
Trust the process of your healing.
You will meet the right person in God’s perfect time.

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