“Mental Health Matters” by Jonin Marie Gargoles

Mental health can be hard sometimes
We keep our life busy to ease the pain
We wear mask to cover up the scars
We hide our inner damage and traumas

We get depressed in a world full of chaos
We keep running to catch our breath away from our anxiety
We keep dark secrets that no one knows
We are in a battlefield of body shaming
We are at the top of mountain of fear
We are in the deep ocean of confusion
We are in the lonely world losing ourselves

Everybody love the way you do things even when you’re not happy.
Everybody is watching you and stab you in the back
Everybody love to express your broken pieces
Everybody can’t stop their tongues to speak about negativity

Be kind because you may not know what battles they are facing
Be polite  because we all have different body types
Be honest & stop spreading gossip
Be humble & start being a good person

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