“Colors of Melancholia” by Jonin Marie Gargoles

Depression is like hiding inside the dark room
Dancing alone under the heavy rain of gloom
The reflection of sorrow silhouette
Exhausting soul she won’t forget
Bitter taste of her homemade cake
Rude words rotten her slowly to break

Universe align to other dimension
Blinded by the harsh constellation
Scattered wounds kept her bleeding
Suicidal thoughts keep her writing

Driving in a fast car full of flashy lights
Broken souls and sleepless nights
Heavy black eye-bags is showing
Red veins mark scratches flowing

Isolating herself from her family and friends
Whenever this mortality journey ends
Grasping the breath of holy grail agony
Shattered in a nightmare of brutality

Loneliness keeps her company
Talking and listening makes her over-fatigue
Touch her soul and hold it tight
Don’t leave a scar but bring her light

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