“Amazon Warrior” by Jonin Marie Gargoles

I isolate myself from the people who cares about me
I don’t want to get involved to any drama anymore
I’m tired of pleasing everyone about my personality
I’m drained and exhausted.

Let me take a break from stress and depression.
Let me get back my broken pieces all together.
Let me regain my strength from a downfall .
Let me rise again despite of the failures.

I’d rather be alone in a café shop drinking black coffee.
I’d rather be in the beach listening to the whispering waves.
I’d rather be in the mountain top reaching the highest slope.
I’d rather be in the lake waiting for the crimson sunset view.

I’m trying to find the purpose in my life
I’m trying to heal my bleeding heart and soul
I’m trying to fight all of my fears and insecurities
I’m trying to be strong like an Amazon Warrior.

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