“The Hows of Us” by Jonin Marie Gargoles


Its my first time to watch a movie alone in the Cinema and I’m so inspired to share you about this movie “The Hows of Us”.


Love taught us important lessons

Pain is either a choice or intentions

All of the love, care and patience you give

Sometimes it’s not enough and they leave


All of your strength and respect you built

They will still leave you hanging without guilt

All of your beautiful dreams about the future

You will think it’s all gone like a shooting meteor


All the lonely nights you wasted for your tears

They will just celebrate in the bar and cheers

As days become months and months become years

You no longer think them & hide in the corner full of fear



Destiny is not just a game

Your soul can’t be blame

Soulmate feels like a red string attached

But your pathetic heart is scratched

You won’t allow to rule anybody in your life again

You are tired to hear the voice full of complain

You had enough for your own stain

Thousand sorry can’t ease the pain


Some flowers need space to blossom

True Life, long forgotten

Some plants grow beautiful together 

Cloudless sky and breezy weather



4 thoughts on ““The Hows of Us” by Jonin Marie Gargoles

      1. I’m happy and stress free. Hehehe. I feel free Ens. I wish you all you were here…chibe… arian…sema..etc


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