Long Distance

“Like a French Song” by Jonin Marie Gargoles


I found myself smiling
All of my senses come to life
I found myself dancing
All of my wrinkles were gone

Two AM in the morning still listening to sad songs
Unexpected long hours of talking
I can feel your heart is so strong
Unwashed time extremely knocking

Similar interesting stories have told
Playing the same sports
Learning different languages never gets old
Playing in different courts

Words that can’t be explained
Enjoying the view I see that’s so far
Exchanging smiles that were unplanned
While I’m singing loudly inside my car

What if we escape from this world
What if we meet before
We both probably played sword
Talking to you never gets me bored

I can gaze to your brown eyes thousand times
I enjoy watching your sweet & natural smile
I can talk & laugh to you million times
Someday we can escape and travel thousand of miles

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