“Word Warrior” by Jonin Marie Gargoles



Once a writer will tell her feelings

In the midst of her unspoken words

Flowery words will blossom

Chanting dreams that can’t be reach

Dancing rhymes overshadowed

Be careful to fall in love with a word warrior

Because you will not die

Your beautiful soul were written in her palms

You will live forever

Don’t break her heart

You will be remarkable

A writer’s heart is fragile

If you break it be prepared of consequences

Every tear drop had a story to tell

She will just remain quiet

Never ending armors of proverbs will explode

Things that reminds of you

Strolling around the castle

Full of big surprises

Sometimes life might be unfair

Crumpled heart screaming around

Aching goodbyes over flow

Losing her innocent heart

You will received toxic letters

Poems that you won’t take for granted

She sometimes write to be the characters that she was not before

She write to explore all the things she’s afraid of

Every single wish you made

Her fiercely poetic hands will tell your untold story










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